Hello, this is my small website to describe the areas in which I have an interest, an informative medium and a channel in which you can establish my contact.

Basically the Information Technologies are the global scope of the website, I hope to provide added value and give me your comments through the Mail section.

The ICTs described in the Technology section, have a direct allusion to the branches of computing and communications, while in the Services section you will find those intangible assets where the technique takes shape and materializes in a product / service.


Services related to Development are described by the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) such as: Consulting, Supply and Construction of Software in Informatics, Data Processing, and related activities in Telecommunications.

Visual Studio .Net

Software Development for Web & Desktop Applications


Cloud Computing for building and managing services

SQL Server

Store and Retrive data in a structured way


Automate frequent and time-consuming tasks

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